Website Review: ClixSense Paid to Click
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Website Review: ClixSense Paid to Click

ClixSense is a free and legit PTR that has been around for years. With many ways to earn, it's easy to reach payout each month. Earn even more with referral incentives. Check out my review.

I know, I know... Paid to clicks get a really bad rap. A couple cents here and a couple cents there. Most people feel it's a waste of time. However, there are a few good programs out there that are not scams, pay on time, and send offers worth more than just a fraction of a cent.

Basic Information and Background

Clixsense is a free program that has been around for about five years. I have been a member for at least three years. Have I gotten rich off the program? I'm afraid not! It does, however, offer some spending change each month. If I promoted it more I could earn much more, but I don't want to spend too much time trying to get referrals. You can earn on your own without referrals in this program and reach the minimum payout every month or two if you click only a few times each week.

This program is available for anyone in the world; it's an international program. For more information or to join, check out my Favorite PTRs. (*Note: this is NOT a referral link.)

There are always tons of ads each week on this site. I've joined some PTRs that never get any business, and even if they pay 3 or 4 cents per click, the money just never adds up because there are so few ads. Not with ClixSense. They have, I would estimate, at least 50 ads daily. The ads pay a range of a fraction of a cent to 2 cents. The lower paying ads only have a timer of 3 seconds, though, so you don't have to wait very long to get credit for viewing a low paying ad. Most of the ads are worth 1 cent and have a 30 second timer.

Upgrades and Referrals

ClixSense has an attractive referral program several layers deep, so you can earn not only for your direct referrals, but from their referrals as well. If you are an upgraded, or premium, member, you can earn up to $2 for each referral that upgrades and can earn 8 levels deep. As a standard member you will only earn from direct, or first level, referrals. They have one of the best upgrade packages in the industry, with an annual membership costing only $14.95, which is only about $1 per month.

As a premium member you can view more ads, get paid a higher rate per ad, and earn referral incentives. However, even without upgrading your account, as stated earlier, you can still reach payout each month if you click a few times each week. The money adds up fairly quickly with this program since they always run so many ads.


Once you reach $10 you can receive payout by any of the following options: paper check through the mail, or through PayPal, AlertPay, or Liberty Reserve. With paper checks through the mail, the minimum is $10 if you live in Canada, United States, or Mexico. Paper checks via postal mail are also available internationally, but the payout is at $100 for other countries. International members can reach the $10 payout and be paid by other methods, however, so there are many options for payout internationally.

Another option, if you'd like, is to use your earnings to buy advertising on their site. You can purchase your own ads and target them to whichever geographic area and demographic you'd like.

Other Incentives ClixSense Offers

ClixSense also has a game you can play called ClixGrid. As a free member you get 25 chances to win a prize of up to $5 daily. Upgraded members get 50 chances each day to win. I have never personally won anything while playing ClixGrid.

According to their site, you can also play games. "These more than 1000 games are for your enjoyment only. You will not get paid for playing them. However we may run gaming contests from time to time. Have fun!" I have not tried any of these so I cannot give more information than what is provided at the site.

ClixSense has a survey site as well, called Clixsense Research. Unlike most paid survey sites, if you don't qualify to complete a survey, you're still often rewarded with a minimum of 10 cents just for trying. I have completed surveys ranging with payouts from 50 cents to $5, so the rates of the surveys vary. There are usually at least a couple surveys to do daily, and each survey enters you into their daily, weekly, and monthly drawings for cash and prizes.

To Join

If you'd like more information or to join, simply check out my page listing all my favorite and highest paying PTR programs.

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Comments (15)

Thanks for sharing this one.'ll check it out.

A thorough review of the web site and it seems that it is not a scam.Thanks for sharing.

It is good to know first hand info from you.

Brilliant write up!

All of those sites you recommend pay, although with most of them it would take many months to reach the minimum payout. PTC sites known that most people give up after a while so thats how they make money.

I have dial up, it would take way too long, plus I do find it kinda shadey....

Nice review. Voted up.

I still don't get why people get into Paid to Click sites. Yes, they can earn a dollar or two but the actual fact there is that they're spending their effort and time. Why not spend their time on a higher paying program like Factoidz, HubPages and other credible non-PTC sites.

Well done, you did an excellent job writing this article.

Thanks, I am new to trying this site, as well. Thanks for more in sight to it.

Sounds interesting. If I get some spare time, will investigate. voted up

That's added information to consider.

Returned to Digg your valuable info.

excellent article. I am going to check out the program and your related article. thanks!

I'm going to start a blog soon and needed to revisit. Keep those articles coming!