Website Review Chat Roulette
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Website Review Chat Roulette

chat roulette is a website where anything goes. Visiting this site could prove to be the adventure of a life time.

If you like talking to strangers or like talking to even stranger strangers then chat roulette may just be the website you are looking for. Chat roulette is an anything goes website where all you need is a web cam and/or microphone to join in the fun. Just be prepared. Chat roulette has a bit of everything the web has to offer. The bright side, the dark side, and the absolutely most disgusting side of human nature can be be found on this site.

How it works

You turn on your web cam link to the site and you will automatically be matched with a chat partner. You don't know who you are going to get or what they will do. If you don't like the partner you are given then simply hit next and you will suddenly find yourself with another chat partner who may be someone you really like or someone even stranger than the last person you met.

This site is definitely an adventure in surrealism for those who like walking on the wild side. People on this site are anxious to show off themselves and their dubious skills and dances. You may be treated to a display of farting armpits, or someone who really wants you to know all the bare facts about him.

You could find yourself mooned, cussed at, laughed at, and totally freaked out. On the other hand you could be treated to a handsome Russian gentleman singing Russian love songs in your ear or a perfectly normally person wanting to have a personal normal conversation. That, according to those who frequent the site, is the beauty of the whole thing.

While I am not into listening to someone spending an hour passing gas or seeing a perfect stranger counting his chest hairs while humming tunelessly, I can understand the appeal of this site to those of a younger generation. It gives one a chance to see all the crazy and whacky things people are willing to do to get the attention of a perfect stranger.

If you are the kind of person who is easily shocked and offended this is definitely not the site for you. However, if you are looking for a truly different, with a capital D, experience and you don't mind a lot of bad language and more than a little nudity then you might just find this an interesting site to visit.

If you do visit, there is one thing I can guarantee, you too will be asking “What is with all those masks?”

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Comments (12)

This sounds like great fun, but it would make me want to hide the computer from the kiddies!

Thanks for the review. This site seems great and will have a look at it.


i went on this a few times, & found it to be mildly intriguing, but not to a degree where i would bother with it much (definitely not my idea of "great fun", the idea has more promise than the sad reality of it.

it was alternately mildly boring (something about people staring into webcams not so exciting), a bit insulting (as random picks instantly delete you because you are not exciting looking) and disgusting (beware - i came across NUMEROUS masturbating men - or at least their "equipment", life size in front of me. can you say ICK????

so, definitely NOT for young people or the squeamish or anyone with a life.

Very interesting. I would check it out if I didn't have my fiancé, just because I think online chats lead to problems in the end... but it's interesting to know that something like that exists out there. Ischno, I have no doubts about what you said, haha.


yeah, it sounds cool but it is about 80% guys hoping to see boobies or wacking off.....

Great and honest review. Thanks!

Jenny Heart

Great article but not for me.

Seems a lot like Omegle... Thanks for that!


To be honest, there really needs to be a warning about the masturbators... like a real and serious disclaimer. Out of 20 nexts, you're almost guaranteed that at least 2 or 3 will be penises. I've had 6 in a row before.

I've never been to the site but I have seen bits and pieces on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 and it looks interesting but only if you have a good sense of humor. One of these days I'll have to check it out, if only to go people watching.

emma jones

webcam chat is notting but a scam never see any women on it that dont add up or make sence. its a scam plan and simple

emma jones

webcam chat roullet is a scam. never see any women on it, it is a scam